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who is this guy, anyways???

Kip Martin is singer/songwriter writer performing " music for those of us not raised in trailer parks" (Boston Phoenix).

Although singer/songwriter Kip Martin's songs are about lost love, wasted lives and life in the rust-belt, he and his band the Merles rock with road-house intensity. Generally pigeonholed in the Americana format, his music falls stylistically somewhere between Nashville and the Heartland. Along with his band the Merles, his brand of honky-tonk rock has been enormously well received, winning audiences in trendy rock and roll venues as well as roadhouses up and down the East Coast.

Having done road work as a sideman with various national acts such as Chuck Berry, Dick Curless, Jonathan Edwards, Freddie Fender, and Sleepy LaBeef, Kip's early immersion in American roots rock, country, and folk is most evident, influencing both his songwriting and live performances.

'But why country music?' you might ask... Most music on the radio--especially country--is silly at best. And alternative rock, although interesting, tends to ignore really great roots-oriented music. Sure, the odd station might play the occasio